Weed Delivery Encinitas: 5 Cannabis World Records That Will Blow Your Mind

The cannabis community has seen incredible accomplishments throughout history that have had a lasting impact on society. These world records, which range from the largest brownies to the longest joints, highlight the inventiveness, commitment, and passion of cannabis aficionados around the world.

The Legend of the World's Longest Joint

In 2018, a group of cannabis enthusiasts rolled an incredible 100-foot-long joint during the Harvest Cup in Worcester, Massachusetts. This enormous joint attracted attention from bystanders and demonstrated the ingenuity and togetherness within the cannabis community, even though it didn't break the record for length. This enormous joint, which measured an incredible 30 meters in length, took an incredible 1 kilogram of cannabis to fill.

Unearthing History: The Oldest Weed Stash

Archaeologists were shocked in 2008 when they discovered the world's oldest known stash of cannabis in a 2,700-year-old burial in the Gobi Desert of China. The cache included a shaman's remains preserved next to roughly two pounds of carefully prepared cannabis flowers on a wooden tray. This archeological discovery illuminates the long-standing historical association between cannabis and humanity.

Smashing Records: The Most Weed Smoked by One Person

Cannabis advocate Irvin Rosenfeld has a notable reputation in the cannabis world: the most marijuana consumed by a single person. The Guinness Book of World Records recognized Rosenfeld in 2014 for consuming over 115,000 joints, solidifying his status as a cannabis icon. His exceptional achievement is further supported by his involvement in the 1982–1992 US government-sponsored Experimental New Drug Research Program.

Giant, but Not Longest: The Largest Joint in the World

The Guinness World Record for the longest joint ever rolled is evidence of the creativity and tenacity of people. Tony Greenhand and his team achieved this enormous joint in 2016, which measured an amazing 106 feet and 1 inch (32.33 meters). This joint demonstrated its maker's artistry and expertise. The maker rolled the joint with over 1.5 pounds of cannabis and secured it with specially crafted paper.

Baking History: The Biggest Weed Brownie in the World

The world's largest cannabis brownie was created in 2021 by the cannabis firm MariMed, a culinary marvel that took place in Massachusetts. With a massive weight of 356 kg and 2,000 mg of THC, this delicious delicacy was far more than anyone could have imagined. Even a tiny piece of this enormous brownie would be the same as smoking 66 joints of marijuana, illustrating the inventiveness of cannabis lovers.

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